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FirstObject Technologies Ltd envisions to transform as an e-University offering a wide variety of products and services to its customers from pre-primary to university level.

In order to achieve its long term goal, several programs have already been initiated by the company at various levels.

Some of the programs are:

•  Internet-based e-learning products and services for Corporates / Institutions as well as individuals
•  E-learning products on DVD/USB media for individuals
•  Smart class products for academic institutions.

In addition to these programs, the company engages in the following activities/services:

•  Campus automation services
•  Education software services
•  Customization services
•  Assessment services
•  Corporate training

Internet-based e-learning products and services:

The company offers internet based e-learning modules and services to institutions as well as to individuals. This program works on a time bound licensing model. More details about this program can be obtained at

Besides these the company also offers various other services using its other web portals


E-learning products in DVD/USB:

To make the products available in the offline mode(without the need of internet facility), the company launched its products in DVD and USB formats.

About smart classes:

The company offers a flexible model of implementing smart class products at the customer locations. Coverage, Quality, Reliability, security and relentless service to its customers are the key attributes the products and the services are built upon.
Click here to view the demo of the smart classes.

Click here to view the demo of the smart classes.

The demo videos are uploaded to Youtube. Click here to view these demo videos.