e-learningFirstobject Technologies Limited is the leading firm in e-learning. We are a leading education content provider for the children from Kinder school to class 12 and Higher education segments in India. We have developed the e-content of CBSE, ICSE & State Board (A.P. State Board & Maharashtra State Board) in English medium and 2 vernacular languages Telugu and Marathi. We believe that the e-content provided by Firstobject gives more impact for children in understanding the concept and hence we have developed the e-content in English medium and 2 vernacular languages Telugu and Marathi. Currently, Firstobject is offering only CBSE/ ICSE/ STATE Board Syllabus (A.P. State Board & Maharashtra State Board) for 8th, 9th and 10th Standards but, in near future we are planning on adding other standards also.

The E-education modules provided by us give a comprehensive coverage to the syllabus of CBSE/ ICSE/ STATE Boards (A.P. State Board & Maharashtra State Board) and also provide beyond the syllabus by making the students capable to face any kind of competitive examinations and help them compete even with the most modern private schools and help upgrade the skill set of students and teachers.

As a part of our e-education modules we cover through DVD / USB ports all the content relating to particular standard through ICT (Interactive Class Room Teaching) tools. Through which we cover all the standards and all the lessons and all the chapters are comprehensively covered Under the CBSE/ ICSE/ STATE Boards Syllabus (A.P. State Board & Maharashtra State Board) and beyond with the help of reference books which will make and enable the student gain rich knowledge from the Schools.

Firstobject Technologies is distinguishing itself from other virtual classroom products by focusing on individual students and offering ICT tools that do not depend on Internet connectivity. In fact, users can run it on a computer or even a television with the help of a portable player. In a resource-scarce nation like India, this is probably a more promising alternative to the compulsory availability of computer and net-based infrastructure. The e- content provided by Firstobject Technologies is an application, which is made to enhance the techniques and concepts of a student, which is not possible with just a single interface between the teacher and a student in the class room. With the solutions provided by our company, the users have the freedom to review the concepts and topics presented in any chapter at any point of time irrespective of the schedule followed in their school. Here a student can improve his skills, solve practice sums, and can give tests to evaluate his studies. Students can watch the content anytime throughout the year when tutions are not available so it definitely proves to be a better option.

In a brief, Our modules will help in the following manner :

  • Address the problems relating to non-availability of teachers.
  • Improve the skill set of students and make them obtain high standard education.
  • Retention of students in Schools will become possible.
  • Education through Interactive Class Room Teaching tools provided by us will make the student attracted to come to the schools thus student drop outs can be addressed.
  • Beyond class room required lesson planning and teaching, our Interactive Class Room Teaching modules will also prepare the student to competitive examinations like Polytechnic / EAMCET / LAW etc kind of competitive examinations.
  • Students do not feel the need to go for tuitions with the help of our material.
  • We provide 24*7 education counseling to students.
  • Student can test himself on any chapter or lesson on 24*7 basis and thus upgrade his skill.